Samsung HW Q950A Soundbar, Overview, Firmware, and Manual Download.

Samsung HW-Q950A

After launching the Samsung HW-Q950T, Samsung again presents a Premium Soundbar product, the Samsung HW-Q950A. This soundbar is equipped with new features, including the Auto EQ space correction feature and Apple AirPlay 2 connectivity.

By activating this Auto EQ feature, you will get a neutral and balanced sound. It also supports Dolby Atmos content, and surround speakers which give you an immersive listening experience.



Samsung HW Q950A - Bar

The Samsung HW-Q950A has dimensions that are not far from the Samsung HW-Q950T. The body is made of plastic covered with a cloth on the front and top.

The dimensions of this soundbar are quite wide with a size of 48.4", but not too high with a size of 2.8", and the depth that can be reached is 5.4".


Samsung HW-Q950A-Subwoofer

Body Subwoofer Samsung HW-Q950A made of wood. There is a speaker hole on the right which is covered with a cloth. It's already connected wirelessly, so you just need to plug it into a wall outlet for it to work.

The size of the subwoofer is not too big, at 8.2" wide, 15.8" high, and 15.9" deep.


Samsung HW-Q950A-Satellites

The body of the Satellites Samsung HW-Q950A is made of plastic. On the top and front side covered with a tight cloth. The power cable is on the back, and there is an indentation to tuck the cable in to make it neat.

These Samsung Satellites are quite long and tall, measuring 4.9" wide, 8.0" high, and 5.4" deep.

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Manuals and Downloads

User Manual Version 2104270 (Multi-Language) - Download

User Manual Version 2104120 (English) - Download

Firmware Upgrade File(USB Type)  Version 1008.0 (Multi Language - Download

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