Samsung HW-S60T, Soundbar for Projector Without Subwoofer.

Samsung HW-S60T, Soundbar for Projector Without Subwoofer

The projector cannot be separated from the needs of your home cinema. But to bring your home cinema to life, you need a good soundbar for your projector. With a soundbar you can improve the sound quality, so you can feel like you're in a movie theater. Samsung presents a soundbar that is perfect for pairing with your projector, without a subwoofer.

The Samsung HW-S60T is a soundbar with a 4.0ch setting that is well-built in 2020. This soundbar uses Samsung Acoustic Beam Technology, namely Up-Firing speakers that sit on the bar, as well as Side Horn speakers that can bounce sound against your walls to create a sound experience. more profound. This Samsung product can compete with the Bose Soundbar 700, Samsung HW-Q60T, and Sonos Beam.

While this soundbar doesn't have a dedicated subwoofer by default, it still has a jarring and punchy sound. With a standard range, this soundbar has clear and accurate sound. Even a graphic EQ is added with three present including Adaptive Sound, which can automatically adjust the sound profile according to your audio needs.

The Samsung HW-S60T's soundbar already has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support, so you can connect it directly to your projector, and there's already an Alexa Voice Assistant that lets you manage this by voice.

The drawback of this soundbar is that it cannot produce a thud and rumble. However, you can purchase an additional subwoofer which is sold separately by Samsung.



Samsung HW-S60T

This soundbar has a different design from other Samsung 2020 products, such as the Samsung HW-T550. It's shaped like a round pillow and is wrapped in a square that Samsung claims can last. The sides of the bar have metal grilles, and the bottom is made of solid plastic.

The dimensions of the Samsung HW-S60T are not quite large, with a width of 30.1", height 2.6" and a depth of 4.9". With a fairly compact size, you can place it near your projector. Or you can also place it near your projector. put on a 55" TV, without disturbing the screen on your TV.


The Samsung HW-S60T is a soundbar that doesn't have a subwoofer.


Not available on this device.

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Upgrade File(USB Type) Ver. 1021.0(Multi-Language) - Download

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User Manual Ver. 1.0(English) - Download

User Manual Ver. 1.0(Multi-Language) - Download

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